The following facilities are provided at life care rehabilitation centre.

  1. Special Detox treatment in Hospitals.
  2. 12 step program of Narcotic Annonymas.
  3. Regular meeting of Narcotic Annonymas.
  4. Regular Visiting Doctors and Psychiatrists.
  5. Proper Guidance and Counseling session.
  6. Working on Individual’s personality Development.
  7. Special Meditation and Yoga Classes.
  8. Special Emphases on Recreational Activities.
  9. Neat and Well-Equipped accommodations with 50 beds.
  10. Nutritive and Hygienic food.
  11. Filtered and cool water.
  12. Proper Beds and Air-cool Facilities.
  13. Proper Sanitation Facilities.
  14. 24 Hour transportation services.